Rachel Kay

Professional Hairstylist


I have lived in Birkenshaw for 18 years and raised my family here.  I have over 27 years hairdressing experience in both traditional and current techniques and have worked for companies like Glemby and Regis before owning my own business.

Whilst my family were young I worked as a tutor for a large further education training provider.

Favourite treatment

I am passionate about all aspects of hairdressing with great emphasis on care of the clients’ hair.  I have seen many examples of hair in poor condition over the years due to harsh colouring and cutting techniques.  It is my goal that clients have hair that it is cut and coloured to a high standard and experience great customer care in a friendly environment.

Last word

I’m looking forward to our new adventure and getting to know a lot more lovely people

Age: 46

Favourite Cheese: That smelly one that no one likes. What's it called again?

Sharon Mason

Makeup, beauty and High Definition Brows specialist

Up until 2011 I had lived in Birkenshaw my whole life.  My parents still live here so I’ve never lost that connection. For many years I worked in marketing and event management but following job cuts I decided to re-train.  I had always loved having treatments myself and had often been the make up artist for friends’ weddings and big events so going professional seemed a logical step.

My favourite treatment

I don’t have just the one! I love the transformative effect of make up.  Even a little can make a huge difference. Same with brows, a good brow treatment has been likened to a mini facelift!  I also love my Katherine Daniels facials, you can get maximum results without taking drastic measures plus facials are very relaxing so it’s definitely quality ‘me-time’.

Pet hate

When you get beauty therapists who say they are qualified make up artists when in reality they’ve done a few looks as part of their beauty course or they’ve done a quick course with a make up brand.  A qualified make up artist has spent a great deal of time and money achieving a qualification that is infinitely more detailed, and that in the end, will better serve the customer.

Last word

I enjoy the variety of the treatments and love that no two days are the same.  One day I can be working as make up artist in a freezing location (who said it was glamorous?) the next I can be waxing legs or performing a facial.  I also love my customers, and I look forward to meeting and getting to know new customers.

Age: 47

Favourite Cheese: Feta and Mozzerella